Thursday, May 3, 2007

Accelera Deck - Addict

Year: 2000
Genre: Glitch-tronic

Highlight Tracks: "Untitled Crank", "Quiescene", "Further"
Weak Tracks: "Trip Through", ";11"

Reminiscent of Autechre but not as 'cerebral' as their later works, Addict is excellent background electronica. Glitchy but not to the point of IDM abstraction, Accelera Deck gives the album a forward momentum with subdued beats thumping over very organic and moody backgrounds. This organic base gives each song a latent melancholy which when combined with staring at the cover picture let's the listener's imagination run wild. The final three songs have a weird hip-hop tinge that works for the most part except on the song ";11" which is definitely the album's weakest track.

When the album isn't background music it runs a little long at over an hour however many of the tracks inspire the imagination which makes it a good album to write too.

Take for instance the second half of the song "Pulling Through" which brings to mind everything from a soot stained sky above frozen trenches to being trapped in the hull of a leaking, Chinese, slave freighter.

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