Thursday, May 3, 2007

Orbit Achieved!

Welcome to my latest music writing project: Satellite Eclectica!

It has often occured to me that in the hustle of the daily grind we find ourselves listening to music from a lot of different sources and in a lot of different situations; however we rarely have the time to actually sit down with an album and give it an honest, thoughtful listen. Music has become mostly a background soundtrack to our lives.

I am a huge music fan with a monster sized collection and even I rarely have the time to devote to listening to complete albums. I mean really listen to them without any other activity going on but enjoying the album itself.

I credit this to being a busy adult. In High School it seemed like all I did was listen to albums all the way through. Nowadays though I listen to albums partially or to individual songs on random. Mainly because I am driving somewhere or walking to class and once I arrive the music stops. Later when I pick up my Iriver or get in the car my mood is different and I put on something different from what I had on earlier.

With this project I have decided to attempt to listen to my entire music collection and chronicle each album I listen to on a daily basis. I vow to listen to at least one full album a day and write in this space about the album in the form of either a review, general observations, or simply what the album inspires me to think about.

This is a daunting task because my record collection is huge but ultimately this should be an enjoyable one. I invite everyone who finds their way here to Satellite Eclectica to join me on my musical journey of full-album rediscovery.


gretagrrl said...

Cool site, great idea. Good luck!

Marcus said...

Good luck. Great idea.

the_peanut said...

Indeed a great idea and welcome to the blogosphere! ;-)

Thnx for the link-add btw, I just added you to our own.

Palm Bea-yoch said...

You are insanely ambitious.